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Skiing and Snowboarding near Fort Collins, CO

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Best time: October–May | January-February

Skiing and Snowboarding near Fort Collins, CO
Breckenridge, Colorado
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Fort Collins is located north of Denver and in proximity to some of the best ski destinations of the state, such as Loveland, A-Basin, or Breckenridge, which are concentrated in Colorado's famous Summit county. The ski season in northern Colorado starts as early as October, however, with limited runs available. By mid-November, most resorts are open in full capacity. The season lasts through May, although some places stay open even in June. The best time to ski and snowboard in Colorado is January and February due to the large quantity of snow and stable cool weather.

Loveland Ski Area

Loveland is located within a two hours' drive (116 mi or 187 km) from Fort Collins. Sitting atop the Continental Divide, the resort is known for its abundant snow, remarkable terrain, and a long season stretching from October through mid-May. With about 100 runs and 1,800 ac (730 ha) of terrain, it offers a quintessential Colorado ski experience. The resort caters to beginners with several easy trails in Loveland Valley. It also offers snowcat skiing.

vertical: 2,210 ft (674 m) area: 1,800 ac (730 ha) runs: 94 lifts: 9 season: October to mid-May

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

A-Basin is one of the most popular Colorado resorts that can be reached from Fort Collins in 2 hours 12 minutes (125 mi or 200 km). With 1,400 ac (570 ha) of skiable terrain, it suits advanced and intermediate riders. It's not the best option for families, rather for the young and hip crowd. The resort is known for its parties and gatherings at the Beach parking lot, located next to the chairlifts. However, the main attraction of the resort is its excellent terrain, with plenty of challenges and extreme spots.

vertical: 2,530 ft (771 m) area: 1,400 ac (570 ha) runs: 145 lifts: 12 season: October to June


Breckenridge or simply Breck is considered by many to be the best ski resort in Colorado. World-class skiing over 5 peaks is complemented with a historical 1859 mining town with an authentic atmosphere dating back to the gold rush days. It also offers gourmet dining and plenty of other activities besides skiing or boarding, such as the Race of the Santas, snowshoeing, and riding Breckenridge Gondola. However, its main attraction is, of course, its superb alpine terrain. The resort offers some serious elevation and boasts the highest chairlift in North America.

vertical: 3,398 ft (1,036 m) area: 2,908 ac (1,177 ha) runs: 162 lifts: 32 season: mid-November to mid-May

Practical info

When is the best time to ski near Fort Collins, CO?

January and February are ideal months for skiing and snowboarding around Fort Collins, CO due to the stable cool weather and considerable snowfall. The skiing season tends to begin in October, and most resorts achieve full operational capacity by mid-November, which extends through May. Some places operate even until June. Show more

Where are the nearest ski resorts to Fort Collins, CO?

Fort Collins is in the vicinity of some of the best skiing destinations such as Loveland, A-Basin, or Breckenridge. Loveland, located within a two-hour drive from Fort Collins (116 mi or 187 km), stands out from other ski resorts. A-Basin located 125 mi or 200 km away, is a 2 hour and 12 minutes drive, while Breckenridge is further away, around 2 hours and 30 minutes (102 mi or 164 km) drive from Fort Collins. Show more

What ski resort near Fort Collins, CO is best for beginners?

Novice skiers and snowboarders will be pleased with Loveland resort, which features several easy trails in Loveland Valley, making it the best ski resort near Fort Collins, CO for beginners. The trails are suitable for beginners to learn skiing or snowboarding before moving on to more challenging trails. The resort offers instruction and direction to novice skiers on how to ski or snowboard and enhance their technique. Show more

What ski resort near Fort Collins, CO is best for advanced riders?

A-Basin resort, located near Fort Collins, CO is the perfect location for riders with vast skiing experience with over 1,400 ac (570 ha) skiable terrain. Its challenging terrain features an abundance of advanced spots such as steep slopes, cornices, extreme spots, and cliffs. A-Basin offers an incredible experience for intermediate and expert riders, but it may not be an ideal family spot but an excellent hangout for young and adventurous crowds. Show more

What unique activities can visitors enjoy at Breckenridge besides skiing or snowboarding?

Visitors to Breckenridge can take advantage of its unusual activities aside from skiing or snowboarding. The town boasts of an authentic 1859 mining town that features an amazing atmosphere that dates back to the gold rush days. The resort offers gourmet dining and a wide range of lodging options. Visitors can participate in events such as the Race of the Santas, snowshoeing, and other events. A ride in the Breckenridge Gondola is an excellent way to view the resort's famous ski slopes and town. Breckenridge features an animated nightlife scene featuring entertainment venues, pubs, and bars. Show more

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