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Mount Korab in Macedonia

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Best time: July—September

Mount Korab
Mount Korab
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Located on the Albanian-Macedonian border, Mountain Korab has several summits. The tallest one, Golem Korab, is 2764 m (9068 ft)—it is also the highest point one can reach while in Macedonia.

The hiking trail to the summit is accessible from July to September when the dry season prevails in the region. There is also an opportunity to become a part of an old tradition of celebrating the Independence of Macedonia (September 8) on the mountain top.

On this day, groups of adventurers, locals, and trekkers gather in the National park of Mavrovo, at the starting point of Korab trail. The scenic 9 km (5.6 mi) gradual uphill route doesn’t require any special equipment, but some parts of the ascent are steep and demanding, so it's better if you're in a good physical shape.

Those who wish to make this divine experience last longer than one day have to bring their tents and sleeping bags along since there is no shelter nor accommodation to stay in. Conversely, most trekkers complete the trail by sunset.

Practical info

When is the best time to hike Mount Korab in Macedonia?

The period from July to September is the ideal time to hike Mount Korab in Macedonia. This is when the hiking trail to the summit is accessible, thanks to the dry season. Since circumstances during different seasons, such as harsh weather, can make the trail inaccessible and hazardous, it is advised to visit during the recommended months for a safer and more fulfilling experience. Show more

Where is Mount Korab located in Macedonia?

Mount Korab sits on the border between North Macedonia and Albania, as part of the Mavrovo National Park. It is a renowned hub for adventurers and trekkers. The National Park of Mavrovo, which one must travel to in order to start the hike, is situated 2 hours away from Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia. Show more

What is the height of the tallest summit in Mount Korab?

The highest summit on Mount Korab is called Golem Korab and reaches 2764 meters (9068 feet) in elevation. Although the mountain has numerous summits, Golem Korab is the tallest point that can be accessed in North Macedonia. Many trekkers and adventurers are drawn to visit Golem Korab to experience the awe-inspiring views from the highest peak. Show more

Can you celebrate Macedonian Independence Day on the top of Mount Korab?

Festivities for Macedonian Independence Day (September 8) may, in fact, be held at the top of Mount Korab. It is an age-old tradition in the area, where trekkers, locals, and groups of adventurers convene at the Korab trail's start location in the National Park of Mavrovo. Although the 5.6 mile route (9 km) is a gradual uphill trek requiring no special gear, some portions of the ascent are inclined and arduous, so physical fitness is advantageous. Show more

Are there any accommodations available on Mount Korab?

There are no accommodations available on Mount Korab; consequently, overnighters must bring their sleeping bags and tents, as there is no refuge in the area. However, most trekkers finish the walk by sunset and return to towns within proximity, where they may choose to stay in local lodges or hotels. Show more

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