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Norge på Langs (Norway Lengthwise)

Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, there's no officially marked route, which means every hiker is to pave one's own unique trail, either more easy or complicated


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The longest Nordic trail became known to the world after the so-called Norge på langs ("Norway lengthwise") that was a kind of relay completed by local rovers in 1951. Since then many adventurers have crossed Norway south to north or reverse, yet everybody paved their own path across gorgeous Scandinavian mountains, fjords, and lakes because there's no officially marked route. The only sure markers of Norge på langs (abbreviated as NPL) are its start and end points, namely the southernmost point at the Lindesnes Lighthouse and the northernmost tip of the country—at Nordkapp or Northern Cape. However, even this data can be argued by the most stubborn hikers, for Knivskjellodden is located further north than North Cape.

So if you're determined to complete the Norge på langs challenge, you have the liberty to make up your own unique route. Naturally, the length will vary, but it's always approximately 3,000 kilometres, and a thru-hike requires approximately four to five months. The ability to create your own route may result into your trail being easier if you stick close to the cities, or wild if you choose more remote trails in the mountains.

The NPL can be done from south to north and vice versa. If you move south to north, orient to such marks as Ljosland, Finse, Randsverk, Innset, Stugudalen, Sveet, Nordli, Hattfjelldal, Lake Kilpisjärvi, Masi, and Lakselv. The majority prefer northwards route and avoid wintertime, notorious for avalanches, blizzards, and white outs. Winter time is for the utmost professionals, who have already tried everything. Five best months for hiking in Norway are June to October. In fact, it would be perfect to finish by mid-October before the snowfall. It's also important to start after the most snow has melted, that's not earlier than June.

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