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Aphrodite Trail Abloom

Follow the goddess of Love


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There are many natural trails on Cyprus which differ in complexity, scenery, and length. Undoubtedly it is worth trying at least one of them in order to really dive into Cypriot legend. One of the most beautiful and remarkable trails is the Aphrodite Trail. It is a circular path on the Akamas peninsula eight km in length and three hours in duration.

The Aphrodite Trail is recommended as one of the most beautiful available in Cyprus. The circular route provides great views of the island across its blue lagoons. This trail begins from the famous Baths of Aphrodite and follows the route that the goddess of love took with her lover Adonis. At some point, you will reach an old oak tree—a perfect spot to have some rest and snacks.

Follow Aphrodite in March or April in order to enjoy the biggest variety of colours along the trail, as this is the period of blooming for rocky cyclamens and various anemones. Moreover, these months are not as hot as the summer months, so it might be not as challenging to complete the route.

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