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West Coast Trail

Enjoy this stunning coastal trail as you walk in the footsteps of the First Nation ancestors


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The West Coast Trail is a large backpacking hiking adventure that takes the hikers to a 75-km walk along the southeastern edge of Vancouver Island. It is a part of the Pacific Rim National Park and is considered to be one of the world's top hiking trails.

This trail takes you through the footsteps of the ancient people along the breathtaking and challenging landscapes. It requires careful preparation and physical endurance, as it takes from five to seven days to complete.

You'll be crossing rivers, steep slopes, wooden ladders, rocky shorelines with muddy and slippery conditions. Weather can change dramatically in the very short period.

Storms can damage some parts of the route. You should plan this trip and be prepared for everything. The trail is open from the 1st of May until the end of September, and this is a prime time to enjoy this hike.

Another important point to consider is a mandatory Trail Use Permit. The best option would be applying for the Permit starting from the 1st of April at the Hello B.C. Reservation Services. Another option would be obtaining a permit on the spot hoping for no-show hikers. The Permit fee is about $70 and it is non-refundable. All these quota measures are taken by the authorities to limit the pressure of tourism on nature.

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