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Trekking from Valbona to Theth in Albania

This route passes through the most beautiful corners of Albania

Best time: June–mid-October

Trekking from Valbona to Theth
Trekking from Valbona to Theth

Summer and early autumn is the ideal time for trekking in Albania among its mountain landscapes. The classical pass of the Albanian Alps connects the two most famous valleys of the region—Valbona and Thethi. This is the most popular route for trekkers. The hike takes about 8 hours and passes through authentic villages, beautiful waterfalls, and other water sources. You will have a chance to get acquainted with the culture of this land, the natives and their customs, and make stops in villages and farms. You can see majestic panoramas and don't forget to take a ferry on Koman lake.

It's possible to do the hike on your own, but a guided tour is also an option. The season runs from June through to mid-October. Also, note that the summer months of July and August could be too hot, but the season is still good if you avoid the peak hours.

The trail can also be done in the opposite direction—from Theth to Valbona.

Practical info

When is the ideal season to trek from Valbona to Theth and why?

The recommended time to trek from Valbona to Theth is between the months of June and mid-October. The weather is pleasant and the landscape is breathtaking during this time of the year, making it perfect for trekking. As the temperatures during the peak summer months of July and August can be too hot, trekkers are advised to avoid the peak hours to have the best experience. This season is also ideal to learn about the culture, history, and customs of Albania and its surroundings. Show more

What makes the classical pass trail of Albanian Alps unique?

The classical pass trail of Albanian Alps offers trekkers a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings of Albania. This trail connects Valbona and Thethi through some of the most stunning locations in the country, including authentic villages, waterfalls, and water sources. Additionally, trekkers get to experience majestic panoramas and take a ferry on Koman Lake. The trek is also an excellent chance to experience the local culture and natives' way of life as they follow their customs and traditions throughout the route. Show more

How long is the trek from Valbona to Theth, what makes the duration vary?

While the trek from Valbona to Theth takes about 8 hours by foot, the duration of stopovers may vary depending on the tour of choice. Some trekkers may want to spend extended time admiring the scenery, while others prefer completing the trek as scheduled. However, the amount of time spent will depend on you. That said, it's crucial to stick to the designated time frames to avoid getting lost on the path and make the most of the trekking experience. Show more

Can one travel on the Valbona-Theth trek in the reverse direction?

Yes, it's possible to embark on the Valbona-Theth trek in the opposite direction from Theth to Valbona. The trek itself is not technically difficult, although the terrain can be rugged and steep at times, so trekkers must ensure they're well-prepared. Regardless of whether one wishes to begin the trek from Valbona or Theth, the trail is easy to follow with clear directions every step of the way. Show more

What advantages come with taking a guided tour for the Valbona-Theth trek?

Although travelers can embark on the hike to Valbona and Theth independently, taking a guided tour offers many benefits. Such tours are often facilitated by locals with extensive knowledge of the region and can provide insights on the topography, culture, and history of the region. They're conversant with the local languages and can assist with communication. Furthermore, guided tours may arrange for equipment, accommodation, and necessary permits, thereby making your trek stress-free and enjoyable. Show more

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