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Hiking Sinai Trail in Egypt

Explore and admire the landscapes of the Sinai Peninsula with its mountains and canyons

Best time: September–November | February–May

Hiking Sinai Trail

Egypt's landscapes are not only the wadis and dunes but also canyons and mountains. The most popular and accessible trails are located on the Sinai Peninsula. Sinai Trail allows modern hikers to make the same journey as ancient travellers who passed through one of the Middle East’s most iconic wilderness areas in trading, travelling, and pilgrimage.

The Sinai Trail can offer hikers world-class hiking routes: climb the most famous and most sacred Mount Sinai, Mount Saint Catherine—actually Egypt’s highest mountain, or Jebel Serbal.

The brightly coloured walls of Egypt’s most famous Coloured Canyon are the result of aeons of weathering and geology. Passing through the Canyon takes just a few hours of easy walking and involves some light but fun scrambling.

Pass through the Blue Canyon, also known as the Blue Desert, named from the rocks painted blue by the Belgian artist Jean Berame. If you decide to go hiking in Sinai, choose spring and autumn. It is hot in Sinai in summer, and winters can be bitterly cold.

Practical info

When is the best time to hike the Sinai Trail in Egypt?

The ideal time to go hiking on the Sinai Trail is during fall or spring, avoiding the notoriety of scorching summers or bitterly chilled winters. The comfortable temperatures that range from 12 to 30 degrees Celsius during September to November and February to May are perfect for hiking the trails and enjoying the surreal beauty of the desert. Show more

What are the famous mountains to climb in Sinai Trail?

On the Sinai Trail, Mount Sinai, Mount St. Catherine, and Jebel Serbal are three famous mountains to climb. Mount Sinai reward visitors with breathtaking sunrises, while Mount St. Catherine sits as Egypt's highest mountain. For a more challenging climb, visitors can opt for Jebel Serbal as it goes higher than any other mountains but requires you to have excellent climbing skills and equipment. Show more

What precautions should I take while hiking the Coloured Canyon?

The Coloured Canyon on the Sinai Trail is a moderately easy trail to tackle but can be treacherous if the necessary precautions are not taken. Visitors should wear durable footwear and carry enough water and sunscreen to avoid scorching heat. Exercise caution around steeper paths, and avoid hiking the trail during or immediately after the rainy season. The mobile signal restriction in the area means hikers should carry their mobile phones and carefully follow the trail signages to avoid getting lost along the way. Show more

Where can I find accommodation near the Sinai Trail?

Near the Sinai Trail, towns like Nuweiba, Dahab, and Sharm El-Sheikh provide accommodations that cater to the needs of the hikers. From hotels to campsites and hostels, tourists can find an array of options while traveling the trail. Opting for Bedouin camps is also advisable, but hikers should remember to bring necessary camping equipment. It's best to book accommodations in advance, especially during the peak hiking season, to ensure a comfortable stay while traveling the trail. Show more

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