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Best time to visit Italy

Strawberry Season

Don't miss the chance to try the best Italian wild strawberries


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Italy is rich with wild strawberries! It's one of the world’s largest exporters of strawberries. Due to its climate and geographical location, there are plenty of spots to enjoy the taste, such as the Piedmont region, Campania region, Veneto region, Basilicata region, and Emilia-Romagna. During the strawberry season that peaks from May through to June Italy celebrates the harvest at numerous festivals.

Nemi town near Rome is regarded as the Strawberry capital of Italy. Every year from late May to the beginning of June (the dates vary) it hosts the well-known strawberry festival named Sagra delle Fragole. The celebration has ancient roots. According to an Italian legend, the goddess of love, Venus, was very sad after the king of her heart, Adonis, died. She cried, and her tears turned into strawberries after contact with the ground.

At the festival, you'll see local girls in traditional clothes carrying baskets of strawberries, which are free for all visitors. You will enjoy different activities, walking tours, kids' events, Italian live music and various dishes made with strawberries like strawberry pizza, tarts, ice cream, jams, syrups, etc. This is also the perfect opportunity to explore the charming countryside town of Nemi with its traditional atmosphere!

Similar festivals take place all over Italy. Besides Nemi, other good places to celebrate the harvest are Maletto Strawberry Festival in Sicily, Terricciola Strawberry Festival in Tuscany, and many others. These are happening likewise within the season—either in May, or June.

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