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Strawberry Season in Italy

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Strawberry Season
Strawberry Season
Strawberry Season
Strawberry Season
Strawberry Season

Italy is rich with wild strawberries! It's one of the world’s largest exporters of strawberries. Due to its climate and geographical location, there are plenty of spots to enjoy the taste, such as the Piedmont region, Campania region, Veneto region, Basilicata region, and Emilia-Romagna. During the strawberry season that peaks from May through to June Italy celebrates the harvest at numerous festivals.

Nemi town near Rome is regarded as the Strawberry capital of Italy. Every year from late May to the beginning of June (the dates vary) it hosts the well-known strawberry festival named Sagra delle Fragole. The celebration has ancient roots. According to an Italian legend, the goddess of love, Venus, was very sad after the king of her heart, Adonis, died. She cried, and her tears turned into strawberries after contact with the ground.

At the festival, you'll see local girls in traditional clothes carrying baskets of strawberries, which are free for all visitors. You will enjoy different activities, walking tours, kids' events, Italian live music and various dishes made with strawberries like strawberry pizza, tarts, ice cream, jams, syrups, etc. This is also the perfect opportunity to explore the charming countryside town of Nemi with its traditional atmosphere!

Similar festivals take place all over Italy. Besides Nemi, other good places to celebrate the harvest are Maletto Strawberry Festival in Sicily, Terricciola Strawberry Festival in Tuscany, and many others. These are happening likewise within the season—either in May, or June.

Practical info

When is the best time to try wild strawberries in Italy?

Italy celebrates its harvest of wild strawberries from May to June. This season is the perfect time to enjoy different delicious strawberry dishes, attend festivals and partake in other fun activities across various regions and towns. Visiting Italy during this period guarantees a fantastic experience full of opportunities to explore the country. Show more

Where are the best places to celebrate the strawberry season in Italy?

Celebrate Italy's strawberry season in several regions or towns such as Nemi, Terricciola, and Maletto Strawberry Festival. Nemi, which is referred to as the 'Strawberry Capital' of Italy, hosts the Sagra delle Fragole festival every year from late May to early June. These festivals present a chance to marvel at strawberry dishes, explore town cultures and participate in various enjoyable activities. Show more

How did the Sagra delle Fragole festival in Nemi originate?

The Sagra delle Fragole festival in Nemi originates from a legend of the goddess of love, who turned tears into strawberries after her lover's death. The festival's current form is a replication of a 17th-century strawberry fair, and it began in the early 20th century. Today the event features embellishments such as traditional dresses, live music and strawberry-based dishes cooked in various fabulous styles. Show more

What are some typical Italian dishes that feature strawberries?

Strawberry dishes are common in Italian cuisine, especially during the peak strawberry season. Dishes to look forward to include sweet and savory dishes, pies, tarts, pizzas, jams, syrups, gelato, cakes, and cocktails. Expect strawberries combined with local ingredients like cheese, honey and balsamic vinegar, which complement the dishes' overall flavor. The strawberry stalls are also full of delicious fresh strawberries you can purchase and eat on their own. Show more

Can visitors participate in any traditional activities during the Sagra delle Fragole festival in Nemi?

Visitors can participate in traditional activities during the Sagra delle Fragole festival in Nemi. Activities to indulge in include walking tours in the picturesque countryside, watching local girls carry baskets of strawberries, enjoying Italian live music, participating in kid's events, and tasting different strawberry-based dishes. The festival presents an ideal opportunity to explore Nemi's traditional and vibrant atmosphere. Show more

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