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Poteet Strawberry Festival 2024

The biggest annual celebration in the strawberry capital of Texas

Dates: April 12-14, 2024

Poteet Strawberry Festival
Poteet Strawberry Festival
Poteet Strawberry Festival

Poteet Strawberry Festival is a popular annual event that attracts large crowds from San Antonio. First held in 1948, the festival has become one of the oldest traditions of the city of Poteet, located along The Artesian Belt Railroad that connects San Antonio with South Central Texas towns. The first strawberry gardens were set up here by Poteet founders Henry and Ida Mumme. Since the 1920s, local strawberries have become well-known throughout the area. The first festival in the 1940s has gathered a considerable crowd of 5,000 people.

Poteet Strawberry Festival now attracts about 100,000 attendees on the second weekend of April every year. It has 14 areas of non-stop entertainment and live music from nationally known Country and Tejano performers and local bands. There are gunslingers, carnival midway, and rodeo performances. And of course, there are numerous foods made of delicious local berries. The festival showcases locally grown agricultural products offering Poteet strawberry growers plenty of locations on the Festival Grounds to sell their crops.

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