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Whoever dares to pick up unripe cloudberries risks to be punished by law for wasting precious Arctic Gold

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Cloudberries are the most expensive of all the wild berries in Norway. It is not surprising that its second name is "Arctic Gold." Cloudberries grow only in the wild, in the lowland. For Norwegian families, it's a great tragedy when a stranger discovers their "personal" cloudberries' field. The berries are so precious in Norway, that gathering them unripe is considered illegal.

Warm orange-colored cloudberries have a tangy taste that resembles apples, raspberries, and red currants. The berries are mostly eaten fresh and cloudberry sauces are used as dessert toppings. Norwegians freeze the berries for traditional Christmas sweet cloudberry whipped cream.

Cloudberries are available during the short season in late July and early August. They have extremely tender texture, so the gatherers should be really careful while picking them up and avoid washing them, or they might turn into a juicy porridge. If you're not that much into picking the berries in the forest, look for some delicious cloudberry desserts in the restaurants—they always have some on the menu during cloudberry season.

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