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Berry Picking in Estonia

Enjoy nature while picking fresh berries in the wild

Berry Picking
Berry Picking
Berry Picking
Berry Picking
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Berry picking season in Estonia starts in June with strawberries. All summer long you can enjoy picking some variety of berries in the wild. You can choose to go by your own or attend some guided tours. Bog shoes will be very helpful during your trip. In autumn you can find cranberries and at that time mushroom picking season starts as well.

Practical info

When does Estonia's berry picking season take place?

June to October is the best time for berry picking in Estonia. Different berry species ripen at different times throughout summer, with strawberries peaking at the start of summer and cranberries appearing in the fall. Wetika and Saaremaa are among the top areas to engage in this sweet outdoor activity. Show more

Where are the best places in Estonia for berry picking?

If you want to pick berries in Estonia, you should search for natural forests and bogs. There are organized tours that direct visitors to the most delicious, unspoiled spots. Many of these locations, including Soomaa National Park, Lahemaa National Park and the island of Saaremaa, are frequently visited by nature lovers. If going deep into the woods, make sure you dress appropriately to avoid accidental poison ivies contact. Show more

Which types of berries can be found and picked in Estonia?

In Estonia, there's an endless variety of berries available for the picking. Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are the earliest to grow, followed by lingonberries, cranberries, and cloudberries in late summer and early fall. Wild bilberries and blackberries can also be found, although they're not as common as the others. You can purchase various kinds of berry-based foods from the market, such as juices and jams, in Estonia. Show more

What is the duration of the berry picking season in Estonia?

Taking into account weather conditions and location, the window for berry picking in Estonia ranges from June to October. The season opens with strawberries and raspberries in late spring, followed by blueberries during summer, while autumn signals the arrival of cranberries that also mark the end of the hunting season. It's also a great time for mushroom hunting. Show more

Which items might be useful to have during a berry picking session in Estonia?

If you're planning on berry picking in Estonia, it is wise to bring a basket to hold the fruits, as well as bottled water and bites to eat. It is recommended to wear suitable clothing, including long-sleeved shirts and boots, to avoid harm from roaming plants and other dangers. You must also bring along a map or a compass to navigate through the forest, stay on track, and leave no trace behind. Do not forget to respect the natural habitat of the plants. Show more

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