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Loganberries in Ireland

Another sweet reason to visit Ireland are loganberries at the end of summer


Loganberries are another variety of raspberries that are particularly popular in Ireland. Steady to almost any weather conditions, they are widely spread across household gardens of the island. The berries grow in thorny bushes covered with thick leaves making it harder for you to get some. Your summer holidays in Ireland will give you an amazing opportunity to try it out.

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When is the best time to try loganberries in Ireland?

Loganberries are best experienced during the summer season which is in July. This is the peak season when loganberries are sold fresh in many stores and markets. These berries only thrive well in warm and humid environments, hence they make the most of their growth during the summer months in Ireland. Show more

Where can I find loganberry bushes in Ireland?

Loganberry bushes can be found in several locations around Ireland. They can be seen in households, some specific farming locations that allow people to pick their own berries, farmers markets which have a range of goods including loganberry, and some towns in Ireland that organize fairs to celebrate the arrival of the berry season every year. Show more

What makes loganberries a unique fruit to Ireland?

Loganberries are a one-of-a-kind fruit that originated in Ireland in the 19th century. They are a hybrid between raspberries and blackberries, hence not easily found in other parts of the world. The unique taste of loganberries has won hearts all over the country, making it a popular favorite among locals and tourists alike. Show more

How do loganberries differ from raspberries?

Loganberries are a different variety of raspberry and blackberry hybrid fruit from raspberries, albeit slightly bigger and have a firmer texture. They have a distinctive tangy flavor that comes from a unique blend of sweetness from the raspberries and the tartness of blackberries. In comparison, raspberries have a softer, sweeter taste and are smaller in size compared to a loganberry. Show more

What are some popular local dishes in Ireland that use loganberries?

The culinary uses of loganberries are endless, in Ireland they are used to make multiple dishes ranging from savory to sweet. Some popular dishes that incorporate loganberries in Ireland include loganberry jam, loganberry sorbet, loganberry pavlova and loganberry salad dressing. They can also be transformed into tantalizing cocktails, smoothies or baked foods like loganberry pies and muffins. Show more

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