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Strawberry Season and Festa

The favourite berry season for the Maltese with thousands of strawberries which are picked, prepared, packed, and eaten

Strawberry Season and Festa

The appearance of local strawberries heralds spring in Malta. Though these plump and juicy berries can be found in grocery stores year round, it would be hard to argue that there’s anything more satisfying than biting into a perfectly ripe freshly grown strawberry.

Strawberry harvest season here is quite long and lasts from November to July. In April the village of Imġarr celebrates an especially sweet event—the Festa Frawli (Strawberry Feast). The Strawberry Fair offers fresh strawberries collected from the hills and farmers' fields. It is located next to the Imġarr Parish Church, at the main village square. Here you can taste many dishes with strawberries: chocolate gateaux, tarts, cakes, juices and smoothies, milk-shakes, strawberry ice-cream, waffles, pancakes, jams, strawberry wine, and even strawberry risotto and ravioli with a strawberry sauce! Visitors are entertained by local folk groups playing traditional Maltese instruments such as iż-żaqq (Maltese bagpipes), it-tambur (Maltese tambourine), and il-flejguta (Maltese folk flute). Don't miss it!

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