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Cowberries or Tyttebær

Sweet but sharp-flavored cowberry jam is traditionally served with meat

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Cowberries also known as lingonberries and called tyttebær by Norwegians are native to Arctic tundras and Norwegian forests as they grow in cold climates. The hard tangy berries are cooked and sweetened before they are eaten in the form of cowberries jam, juice, or syrup. Lingonberry sauce, like Tkemali sauce from Georgia, is traditionally used to flavor meat courses and desserts. It often complements game meat, meatballs, Christmas rib, and a popular Norwegian dessert made of egg whites beaten with sugar known as Troll cream. In addition to its flavory taste these red berries are rich in organic acids, vitamins, minerals and are prized for the ability to cure urinary tract infections. Cowberries season opens in early September.

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