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Best season to travel to Chile

Calafate or Berberis

Some might bid it a silly superstition, but others will eat the berries to ensure they visit the Andes once again


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Once you find yourself surrounded by the Chilean Andean Mountains, a part of you may crave to remain here forever. Luckily, there is one way that ensures another visit here. It is not a traditional coin throwing. Instead, one just has to find delicious Calafate berries commonly known as Berberis or Uva de Montana. These dark blue berries are spread throughout Andean shrubland and are said to bring you back to the Andes. They come in season in February, and you can try them raw, but bear in mind that the fruit is in ​high demand among such wild inhabitants as Patagonian foxes, rodents, and many birds. There are more ways to enjoy the fruit, namely it is​ made into yummy jams and liquors.

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