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California Strawberry Festival 2019

Strawberry pizza anyone?

California Strawberry Festival in California 2019 - Best Time
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Oxnard always takes its strawberries seriously as they do big business in this area. Twenty-four enterprises harvest nearly 16 million pallets of berries, which are shipped throughout North America and even exported to Germany and Japan.

California Strawberry Festival in California - Best Season 2019

During the California Strawberry Festival, you can taste strawberries cooked in any way imaginable. Except for traditional treats such as strawberry tarts, strawberry kebabs, fruits dipped in chocolate, strawberry jam, and you can even find strawberry pizza! This kind of seduction is topped with strawberries, cream cheese, whipped cream and sour cream, on a sweet crust baked like a pizza. And don't forget about the beverages such as strawberry smoothie which will help you to wash down all of those tasty concoctions mentioned above.

Strawberry smoothies 2019
Strawberry smoothies

The festival, which lures in over 85,000 visitors every May, features strolling musicians, arts and crafts exhibits, clowns, face-painting, artists, contests and a couple of stages with musical performances. There is also a "Strawberryland" for children with a petting zoo, magicians, musicians, and puppets.

Strawberry Tart Toss 2019
Strawberry Tart Toss
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