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Italian International Balloon Grand Prix in Todi 2024, Italy

Be sure to book tickets to this fairytale hot-air balloon festival!

Dates: July 26-August 4, 2024

Italian International Balloon Grand Prix is an annual event, bringing together thousands of people. The festival is held every summer in two small yet gorgeous towns–Gualdo Cattaneo and Todi, both located in Italy's Umbria region, known as the country's “Green Heart.” It is a breathtaking area with cozy trees and gorgeous views, giving the balloon festival an even more fairytale vibe.

Italian International Balloon Grand Prix Entertainment

More than 100 balloons soar in the skies over beautiful Umbrian countryside. Balloon launches happen every morning at Parco Acquarossa airfield in Gualdo Cattaneo, as well as Pontenaia and Pantalla airfields in Todi. In the evening, watch the amazing Night Glow, taking place at Foligno Airfield at 8:30 pm on Sunday. This event holds the record for "the highest number of balloons inflated together in Italy."

The festival usually lasts over a week, allowing you to relish the colorful balloons to the fullest. The hot-air balloons at this event are of various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can also witness balloons inspired by famous movies and TV shows. In addition to balloons, the public can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the famous Sgrantino Valley wines, one of the finest red varieties in Italy.

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