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Up Up and Away Florida Hot Air Balloon Festival 2024

Will you dare to get the full experience, camping at this festival?

Dates: early May 2024 (on hold)

Up Up and Away is one of Florida’s greatest hot air balloon festivals. It is held on the territory of Lakeland Linder International Airport, which stretches up to the farther SUN n’ FUN Expo Campus.


Up Up and Away has many cool activities in store for us this year. Expect to see giant colorful balloons high in the sky, nighttime glow shows, tethered balloon flights, and airship demonstrations. In addition, there will be exciting live music concerts, delicious meals from experienced food vendors, as well as various craft shops. So, as the official website says, “shop til you drop!”


The event offers on-site camping, so if staying at the location for the entire weekend sounds good to you, you may want to grab your tent. Or drive your RV to the campus as there is an RV parking lot (prices start at $200).


Admission fees for Up Up and Away are quite affordable. Early bird pricing starts at $15, and you can also buy a family pass online to save some money. But book your ticket early because prices go up on the day of the event.


The Lakeland area is pretty busy this time of year, so take care of your housing in advance—unless you’ve decided to camp on the airport territory. If you want to explore lodging options nearby, be sure to check the map below for the finest options and take a look at the External Resources to follow the festival’s official pages and not miss any important updates.

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