Best time to visit Myanmar

Air Ballooning over Bagan

Hot air ballooning over the temples in Bagan slowly and magnificently reveals the secrets of the old city


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These spectacular views and a breathtaking experience awaits for you! It may well be one of the best things you've ever done.

Air Ballooning over Bagan in Myanmar - Best Season 2020

You will fly above the 4,000 the temples and stupas below you astounded by the beauty and diversity of them while enjoying the extraordinary serenity of Bagan during sunrise. It will also be possible to have an afternoon flight for sunset.

Best time for Air Ballooning over Bagan in Myanmar 2020

The breathtaking views of stupas appearing through the delicate mist are quite unforgettable. You'll see far more temples flying than you would in some days by foot. Moreover, to the one side there's the mighty Irrawaddy River, to the other—the volcanic Mt. Popa, below—the smiling and excited local children, traditional houses, and households of the Burmese people.

Best time to see Air Ballooning over Bagan in Myanmar 2020

It’s important to know that the Balloons are seasonal, which means that they only operate from October-March. If you are going to Myanmar during any other month, then the balloons will be closed.

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