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Novitiation Ceremony or Shinbyu 2020

In the Myanmar Buddhist tradition boys under the age of twenty have to enter the Buddhist Order

Novitiation Ceremony or Shinbyu in Myanmar 2019 - Best Time
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The Shinbyu or Novitiation ceremony is a unique feature of Myanmar. At least once in their life boys become members of the Buddhist Order as Ordained Monks. They stay at a monastery, and it is considered to be a blessing for the whole family as well as for the boys themselves. This ceremony is usually celebrated during school holidays in March and April, before the water festival.

Novitiation Ceremony or Shinbyu in Myanmar - Best Season 2019

A formal Novitiation ceremony involves a parade around the pagodas on the first day with the boys all dressed up as princes. In the afternoon their heads will be shaven and they will enter the Order. They have to observe eight precepts and learn the Buddha teachings from their preceptor. On the same day or the next there will be a feast for monks and invited guests. The ceremony is accompanied by music and funny dances to amuse people.