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Thod Kathin Robes Offering Ceremony 2022

The period lasting for a month when monks are offered various goods is also known as Thod Kathin or Kathina


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Various events are organized around the period, and especially in Bangkok, where there often is a royal ceremony organized. Thai Buddhists bring lots of offerings to the different monasteries and make merits usually at Wat Arun in Bangkok.

Robes and offerings are made to the monks after the end of Buddhist Lent. Kathina ceremony often involves a procession carrying the new robes along a pre-arranged route to the designated temple, sometimes headed by monks from this temple. There is no specific date for the ceremony, and it depends on arrangements at individual temples, but generally, the kathin ceremonies are held within a one-month period from the end of Buddhist Lent. During this time, it is quite common to see thod khatin processions at various temples around Thailand.

It is a good occasion for Thai Buddhists to make merit. Temple grounds turn into venues for traditional music, dances, and food stalls. One of the most attended events is the Royal Thod Kathin ceremony, also known as Kathina Luang, with members of the Thai royal family.

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