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Meditation during Buddhist Holidays in Laos

Calm your mind and practice wholesome meditation in a Lao Buddhist temple

Meditation during Buddhist Holidays

Laos may seem a country of contradictions. While "tubing" and Lao-Lao whiskey is an aim for some tourists, others look to visiting temples and calming their minds in spiritual retreats. While temples are almost always open for visitors, it isn't easy for western people to participate in true meditation with monks.

Major cities offer one-time practice in meditation and lectures on Buddhism for tourists, but this can only give a general overview. To get a full experience, the "Forest Temple" is the best place to be. Located about 20 km from Vientiane, Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi allows every person to participate in longer retreats. Some monks in the temple know English so that​ they can assist with interpretation. Visitors are given a place to sleep, issued white clothes to be distinguished from monks and novices and asked to follow the procedure of "level eight," which is the daily schedule of every inhabitant of the temple. Over a few days in this religious community, visitors learn different ways of meditation, listen to Buddha's teachings, and can try to calm their mind.

The Forest Temple welcomes people at any time, but for a better experience you might want to come during one of the many religious holidays—the beginning or end of the Buddhists lent, Lao New Year, the birthday of Buddha, etc.

Practical info

What is the best time and temperature to visit the Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi temple in Laos?

Visitors interested in a longer retreat at Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi can visit Laos from October to July, when the weather and temperature are pleasant. During this period, visitors can participate in extended retreats, listen to Buddha's teachings, and learn various meditation techniques for spiritual enlightenment. Show more

What is the location of Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi, and how can tourists access it?

To visit Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi, tourists can travel approximately 20 km from Vientiane, Laos, using a taxi, tuk-tuk, or motorbike from the city center. The temple is situated in a serene, forested region, which is an ideal location for visitors seeking a tranquil and spiritual environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Show more

What is the significance of the white clothes offered to visitors at Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi, and why is this relevant?

The white clothes issued to visitors in Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi is to denote a sense of purity and simplicity, both of which are fundamental teachings of Buddhism. Wearing white attire allows visitors to demonstrate reverence for the temple, the meditation practice, and unify the community while eliminating worldly distinctions and distractions. Show more

What time of the year can tourists visit the Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi temple in Laos to witness significant Buddhist festivals?

During the commencement or conclusion of the Buddhist lent, Lao New Year, and Buddha's birthday, visitors to Laos can experience notable Buddhist festivities and witness traditional Lao rituals and customs. These unique cultural experiences provide an ideal opportunity to participate in religious ceremonies, offer alms to the monks, and learn more about Lao culture at Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi. Show more

What activities can tourists engage in besides meditation when visiting Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi temple in Laos?

Alongside meditation, Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi offers an array of activities that visitors can partake in to reinforce their spiritual experience, such as listening to Buddha's teachings, practicing yoga and tai chi, forest walks, and attending religious ceremonies. Tourists can also participate in daily chores and activities like cooking and cleaning, allowing them to better understand the life of monks. The serene and peaceful environment within the temple is an ideal location for relaxation and introspection. Show more

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