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Ballonfest Chemnitz 2024

Three days of entertainment, fun, and balloons for the whole family

Dates: August 16-18, 2024

Ballonfest Chemnitz

Ballonfest Chemnitz has been a yearly tradition in Küchwald since 2005. The festival takes place over a long weekend in early September or late August and highlights all things ballooning. You'll witness gorgeous colorful sky wonders, gracefully inflating over Chemnitz. So, let's get into the details!

Ballonfest Chemnitz Entertainment

The family-friendly Balloon Festival offers guests a colorful program for 3 days on 2 stages and numerous daily activities. Besides the popular daytime mass launches, you'll marvel at balloon glow at dusk and enjoy a fireworks spectacular at night. Thus, there is balloon fun at any time of the day. Plus, the festive program features two stages of live entertainment, a fairground, rail carriage rides, and a garden railway show. You'll also have an opportunity to meet animators, all kinds of showmen, and more, so don't hesitate to bring your little ones along!

Ballonfest Chemnitz open up a chance for balloon fans to come together and celebrate the 3 days of hot air ballooning and also offering a fantastic events for the locals and tourists.


The balloon festival is located in the Küchwald Chemnitz at the Küchwaldwiese and Parkeisenbahn. If you'd like to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, the most convenient way to get there is by public transport, namely bus line 21 from Leipziger Straße. Buses run every ten-to-fifteen minutes on Friday and Saturday. The interval on Sunday is half an hour. Another option in CityBahn line C13. Supposing you prefer driving by car, you'll need to park at Wittgensdorfer Str. 2a and take a short walk to Küchwaldwiese.

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