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Vredefeesten Sint-Niklaas 2023

The weekend full of fun and hot air balloons at Grote Markt in Sint-Niklaas

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Vredefeesten is a hot air balloon and music festival in the city of Sint-Niklaas, in the East Flanders region. Originally organized as the Liberation Day celebrations, the festival dates back to 1948. In 1973, the event was named Vredefeesten. Since the start, balloons have been the main focus of the festival. One of the main highlights of Vredefeesten is the balloon takeoff from the Grote Markt. The three-day festival usually features about 40 regular balloons and ten special shape balloons. Other festival highlights include the Vredefeesten Balloon Trophy and many remote-guided mini-balloons.

The festival usually features plenty of live music and entertainment, a fair, and a world market. Vredefeesten hosts five stages: the Grote Markt , the Romain De Vidtspark, the Hendrik Heymanplein, the Castrohof, and the Terazza. Different bands provide music of different styles, entertainment, and fun. The global market of Vredefeesten features dozens of stalls with food and information, set up from the Castrohof to the Grote Markt. Fair stalls are also set up on the Parklaan during the weekend of the Vredefeesten. Fair rides are available for kids and adults. Admission to the festival is free.

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