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Kevelaer Hot Air Balloon Festival 2023

The premier ballooning event of North Rhine-Westphalia


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Kevelaer Hot Air Balloon Festival is an annual event that takes place at the beginning of July in the town of Kevelaer, located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. Thousands of balloon enthusiasts gather to see around 35 balloons filling the Lower Rhine skies with different colors and shapes. Kevelaer Hot Air Balloon Festival also features a fair with carnival rides, children's attractions, delicious foods, and various entertainment.

Kevelaer Hot Air Balloon Festival features morning and evening balloon ascensions, the night glows, a nostalgic fair, tethered rides, and helicopter sightseeing flights over the famous pilgrimage sites of Kevelaer. Festival events take place at Solegarten St. Jakob and nearby Hülsparkstadion.

The Night Glow or "Nachtglühen" is the main crowdpleaser at the festival. Taking place at 10 pm every night, balloons look like giant lanterns, illuminating night skies to the sounds of music soundtrack. Balloon launches usually take place at 5:30 am and 7 pm, weather permitting. Kevelaer Hot Air Balloon Festival is one of the region's main summer highlights, which shouldn't be missed!

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