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Friese Ballonfeesten 2023

Enjoy one of the Netherland's biggest balloon festivals in Joure, the Balloon City


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Friese Ballonfeesten is a beautiful event held annually in July at Joure in the north of the Netherlands. Over five days, the festival offers 35 hot air balloons, several night glow shows, ten food trucks, two music scenes, and six funfair rides. What's more, the admission and activities are free of charge. By all means, the festival makes for a perfect chance to let your hair down and have some fun with family and friends.

The hot air balloons at Friese Ballonfeesten are like nowhere else. Next to the standardly shaped ones, prepare to see some of the most unexpected figures, such as Van Gogh's head, Ronald McDonald, a huge motorcyclist, a battery, or an ice cream cone. The launches are planned at the Nutsbaan at 8 pm. More details are available on the official website of the event noted in the External Resources below.

The first Ballonfeesten in Joure was in 1986. Thanks to an unexpected success, the event became an annual celebration, and Joure was nicknamed the Balloon City. Today, Friese Ballonfeesten lures around 20,000–25,000 visitors yearly, which makes it one of the most significant ballooning events across the country.

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