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Ghode Jatra 2023

Watch a military parade and a horse race during a festival unique to Kathmandu

Dates: March 21, 2023

Ghode Jatra

Ghode Jatra is a big festival in Kathmandu Valley which is held to ward off Gurumapa demon. It is organised and performed by Nepal Army and Police force in late March or early April. The equestrian parade and the competition takes place at Tundikhel, a large grass-covered ground in the center of Kathmandu, one of its most important landmarks.

According to a legend, a demon is hiding under Tundikhel, so a horse race, cycle race and acrobatic shows are supposed to scare him off. Ghode Jatra is originally a festival of Newar people. It is a cast of Nepali in the Kathmandu valley. The celebration includes worshipping Goddess Bhadrakali and Kankeswari. Those deities are paraded through the streets of Asan Tole on the eve of the festival.

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