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Rapa das Bestas, Sabucedo 2023

Come to Galicia to observe the unique wild mountain horses get rounded up, trimmed and marked

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Rapa das Bestas (The Capture of the Beasts) is the name of tradition that can be observed in Galicia. This event involves cutting the manes of wild horses that live freely in the mountains in a semi-feral state. The animals are herded into a small arena and chaos ensues as they have their manes trimmed and get branded. This festival is more than 400 years old and is a favourite local event.

The most popular Capture of the Beasts takes place in a little town called Sabucedo, some 40 km from Santiago de Compostela, in northwest Spain. Here, the festival lasts for three days and attracts thousands of visitors who watch hundreds of wild horses get rounded up.

The festival takes place every year around the 9th of July.

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