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Perfect Kitesurfing in Cape Town

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Perfect Kitesurfing
Perfect Kitesurfing
Perfect Kitesurfing
Perfect Kitesurfing
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If you are a kitesurfing enthusiast, you will not miss your chance of 15 knots upwards wind blows lasting sometimes for 24 hours! During the windy summer season, kitesurfing gets to its best. Although conditions are generally best from October to March, you can enjoy kitesurfing in Cape Town year-round, as long as the wind conditions are right.

Kitesurfing and kiteboarding enjoy growing popularity, especially after the Red Bull King of the Air competition moved to Cape Town in 2013 and has been held here ever since. The abundance of kitesurfing schools and equipment rentals makes it easy to pick a suitable spot and hit the waves. Kitesurfers and windsurfers flock to Cape Town beaches from October to March. However, the best wind blows from November to late February. Unfortunately, the water is always cold in Cape Town, so a wetsuit is needed for surfers at any season.

Cape Town boasts over 30 beaches to choose from. Bloubergstrand with its postcard view over Table Mountain and Muizenberg on the False Bay coast are two most popular spots for kiters. Blouberg’s Big Bay is perhaps the most famous location known for its beautiful combo waves and a great view of Table Mountain. Facilities are available at Sunset Beach, Dolphin Beach, Kite Beach, and if you move north, at Haakgat and Melkbos beaches.

For beginner kitesurfers, Langebaan’s lagoon, which is about a one-hour drive from Blouberg, on the Cape West Coast is the best option. The wind picks up there at about noon, creating perfect conditions for kites. The lagoon is a sanctuary and is a part of the West Coast National Park. Equipment is available for rent at Cape Sports Center.

Practical info

When is the best time to go kitesurfing in Cape Town?

Kitesurfing enthusiasts in Cape Town take advantage of the windy summer season from October to March. Wind conditions are optimal from November to late February, with wind speeds of 15 knots that could last a whole day. Although opportunities for kitesurfing are available throughout the year, wind availability is crucial. Show more

Where are the best kitesurfing spots in Cape Town?

Cape Town avails 30 different beaches where kiteboarding is possible, but some favored spots include Bloubergstrand, Sunset Beach, Dolphin Beach, Muizenberg, Melkbos, Haakgat, and Kite Beach. Bloubergstrand's Big Bay is renowned for its panoramic view of Table Mountain and comber waves. Langebaan's lagoon has the perfect kitesurfing conditions and is best for beginners who are still learning. Show more

What wetsuit should I wear while kitesurfing in Cape Town?

As the water temperature in Cape Town ranges from 10°C to 16°C depending on the season, kitesurfers must have the appropriate attire to protect them from the water's cold. Wearing a 4/3 wetsuit is the best option for warmth and comfort. During winter, it is recommended that beginners use booties and a hood to provide further insulation. Show more

How many kitesurfing schools are there, and where can I rent the equipment in Cape Town?

Kitesurfing schools and equipment rentals are abundant in Cape Town. Kite Lab, Kitekahunas, Blouberg Beach House, and Ocean Spirit are among the most popular rental sites. KiteworldWide, High Five, and Windtown are other good options that offer quality equipment rentals at affordable rates. For beginners, most schools have experienced instructors available to help them get started. Show more

What are the best options for beginner kitesurfers in Cape Town?

Beginner kitesurfers should consider learning at Langebaan's lagoon, which is located an hour away from Bloubergstrand on the West Coast. The lagoon serves as a sanctuary and is part of the West Coast National Park. The wind typically starts between 12 pm and 1 pm, which makes for ideal kitesurfing conditions. Cape Sports Center offers equipment rentals, and several kitesurfing schools provide tailored beginner courses for all skill levels. Show more

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