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Windsurfing in Crete

Are you ready for breaking waves in Crete?

Best time: May–October


Constant strong winds make Crete a decent destination for windsurfing. Kouremenos beach is one the best spots for this activity, and not just in Crete but in all of Europe. North-West wind direction or "Meltemi" is the most favourable. It accelerates between two hills making the wind there very powerful and strong. The water is flat close to the beach, and choppy waves are a bit further out. All necessary equipment for windsurfing is available right there.

There are also lots of other suitable spots for windsurfing such as Elafonissi beach, Agia Marina beach, Falasarna beach, Kedrodasos and Stavros beaches in Chania, Amoudara and Hersonissos beaches in Heraklion, and Plakias in Rethymno.

The best windsurfing season is from May until October. While windsurfing, you will be surrounded by beautiful views, crystal clear water, and marvellous mountainous landscapes and seascapes.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to windsurf in Crete?

The period from May to October is the best time to indulge in windsurfing in Crete. The consistent and formidable northwest winds, known as Meltemi, create perfect conditions on the island for windsurfing. Additionally, the temperature range between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius during this time makes the weather comfortable for windsurfing. The waters close to the beach are mostly calm and are perfect for windsurfers of all skill levels to practice in. Show more

What is the most popular location for windsurfing in Crete?

Kouremenos Beach, situated on the eastern coast of Crete, is widely considered the most popular location for windsurfing on the island and across Europe. The beach finds itself in a little cove surrounded by olive and palm trees and unique natural rock structures, making the setting magical. Apart from Kouremenos, several other locations, including Elafonissi, Agia Marina, Amoudara, Hersonissos and Falasarna beaches, among others, offer variable sea and wind conditions for different levels of windsurfers. Show more

Which wind direction is best suited for windsurfing in Crete?

Meltemi, a northwest wind direction, is the optimum wind direction for windsurfing in Crete. This prevailing wind direction flows relentlessly between two mountainous hills, creating strong wind conditions for windsurfing. Meltemi brings consistent and regular winds throughout the summer season, making Crete an ideal destination for all levels of windsurfers. Near the beach, the water is generally calm, providing a suitable and safer practise area for beginners and relatively experienced windsurfers alike. Show more

What are the other feasible locations to practise windsurfing in Crete?

While Kouremenos beach is the most popular, several other beaches in Crete, such as Elafonissi beach, Agia Marina Beach, Falasarna Beach, Kedrodasos, and Stavros Beaches in Chania, Amoudara and Hersonissos Beaches in Heraklion and Plakias in Rethymno, provide favourable wind and sea conditions for windsurfers. Each location provides unique experiences for windsurfers, with varying wind and sea conditions. Windsurfing in Crete thus offers a rich and diverse experience for windsurfers of all levels. Show more

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