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Baby Alligators

If you are a fan of these huge reptiles, there are plenty of places here to observe them in the wild

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Florida is a place where you can easily meet an alligator just crossing the street. The official number of gators here is more than 1.25 million. Every lake, swamp, and the canal is a natural habitat for these reptiles. So, anywhere you go, be careful and attentive. The best time to see alligators in the wild is winter. The water temperature gets a little lower, and they prefer to warm themselves in the sun. Thus, you can easily meet some lying on the ground and sunbathing. Of course, the best place to see alligators is in the Everglades National Park. The Shark Valley Loop off the Tamiami Trail and the Anhinga Trail are especially excellent viewing sites. Photo opportunities are amazing, as the gators are used to visitors and more likely to pose. As the winter period is a biological slowdown for alligators, they tend to be a bit calmer. But don't relax too much, as they may only pretend to be asleep. These animals are quick and very dangerous so don't try to get too close. The Everglades Alligator Farm contains more than 2,000 alligators. Spring is the mating season for Gators, so they become more active. During late August you can already hear the cries of newborn gators. Summers are so hot in this area, so alligators spend most of the time in the water and thus aren't visible.

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