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The Kampong in Miami

The only tropical monsoon garden in a major US city

Best time: September–June

The Kampong
The Kampong
The Kampong
The Kampong
The Kampong
The Kampong

The Kampong is situated on Biscayne Bay in historic Coconut Grove, the oldest neighbourhood in Miami. This fantastic tropical garden offers an array of tropical fruit and flowering trees—mangos, avocados, bananas, carambola (starfruit) and other exotic flora. Kampong is a Malay and Javanese word for village.

The Kampong used to belong to Dr. David Fairchild, a famous botanical explorer. He has travelled across Southeast Asia and other tropical regions, collecting different exotic plants. In the 19th–20th centuries Fairchild introduced more than 200,000 varieties of them to the United States. The Kampong Planting Heritage collections also include plants from Central and South Americas, the Caribbean, and other tropical zones.

Don't miss exotic fruit such as candle fruit, peanut butter fruit, egg fruit, cocoplums, and over 50 varieties of mango. There are also numerous species of palms and cycads. Universities and colleges use The Kampong as a living classroom for botany and horticulture courses.

Guided tours of The Kampong are offered seasonally, September through June.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit The Kampong in Miami?

Visiting The Kampong in Miami is best experienced from September through June, the period when guided tours and outdoor activities are available. With the humid South Florida climate, the summer months are too hot to enjoy the garden, and it isn't safe to visit the area during hurricane season. This makes planning a trip to this beautiful garden between September and June ideal. Show more

Where is The Kampong located?

The neighbourhood of Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida, is where you can find The Kampong on Biscayne Bay. This hidden gem is located in one of Miami's oldest parts and is accessible by car or public transportation, making it easy for visitors to get there. Engage with nature, and experience a tropical paradise in the heart of a bustling city by visiting The Kampong. Show more

What is the origin of the word Kampong?

Dr. David Fairchild, a botanical explorer, named The Kampong, situated in Miami, Florida, after the Malay and Javanese word for the village. It is reflective of the tropical plant collection that he gathered during his travels to Southeast Asia. The Kampong is aptly named, considering the tropical foliage that thrives in the garden, making a visit there a unique cultural experience for travellers. Show more

What are some unique tropical fruits to try at The Kampong?

Visit The Kampong, located in Miami, Florida, and experience over 50 varieties of tropical fruits, including mango, cocoplums, peanut butter fruit, egg fruit and candle fruit. These exotic fruits are rare finds, making the experience of trying them at The Kampong remarkable. A visit to The Kampong will also offer an educational opportunity to learn about these tropical fruits and their cultural significance. Show more

How is The Kampong used as an educational tool?

Universities and colleges utilize the beauty of The Kampong to offer botany and horticulture courses as a living classroom for students. The garden offers guided tours that educate visitors on the importance of preserving the environment from invasive species while appreciating the unique flora of the area. The Kampong also serves as an educational tool for gardening enthusiasts on how to maintain a tropical garden in the United States. Show more

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