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Chameleons and Other Reptiles in Algarve

Best place in Europe to see amphibians and reptiles

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From Natterjack toads to Mediterranean chameleons. Due to moderate weather, created by a unique combination of Mediterranean and Atlantic influences and proximity to North Africa, Algarve in south Portugal became the excellent habitat for the most exotic creepers in Europe. The best time to observe them is right after the ​rain.

Natural Park Ria Formosa is home to European Chameleon (Common Chameleon). This shy creature is seldom seen. However, each September there is a chance to spot this rare reptile when females descend to the ground to lay their eggs that stay underground for 10-12 months. During late fall and early winter chameleons also stay active due to breeding.

There are about 150 species of chameleons in the world. About half of them can be found in Madagascar. The only species that lives in Europe is Common Chameleon, and Algarve is a great place to spot them.

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