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Beach Season in Mallorca

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Best time: May–October

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

The high season between May and October in Mallorca always brings lots of tourists to its famous beaches, so those who like to spend their vacation in more calm and silent places have to look for other spots.

Fortunately, Mallorca has something to offer in this case.

Cala Llombard is a white sand cove on the southeast coast. It is framed by pine trees and visited only by local people and their visitors. The water in the cove is perfect for relaxed swimming and snorkeling.

Cala Tuent is hidden between rocky hills and hanging pine trees on the northwest coast. Its crystal clear water, pebbles, and sand don't attract many tourists, as most of the excursion buses usually only pass by. This cove may seem especially interesting as it is overlooked by the Saint Llorenc chapel from the hill.

Cala Deia is the place to go if you want to spot some famous actor or singer. It is hidden between rocky cliffs, making it a very secluded and chill place for sunbathing and swimming. Deia itself is a small and cozy city, which hosts an annual chamber music festival.

Playa de Muro in Alcudia isn't really unknown, so it can be moderately crowded. But due to several dunes, stone formations, and pine trees, it seems like it is divided into many small parts, thus providing a visitor the opportunity to pick a plot to their liking. Shallow waters can be found near Playa de Muro, so it is a perfect place for tourists with children.

Cala Torta is a long beach with white sand and clear blue water. It might be crowded from time to time, but its fame as an unofficial nudist beach typically doesn't attract many tourists. You can be clothes or undressed, whatever you prefer, in order to enjoy the hot sun and warm wind there.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to visit the Mallorca beaches?

Mallorca experiences high seasons for beachgoers in the months from May to October. However, if you have a preference for less crowded places, it's advisable you visit any other month of the year. A typical Mediterranean climate is predominant in the Balearic Islands, with mild and humid winters and both hot and dry summers. The warmest months are July and August. Show more

Which part of the island is known for its secluded and relaxing beaches?

Mallorca has various isolated beaches to choose from for a more private option. For example, Cala Tuent, situated on a northwest coastline, and Cala Llombard in the southeast, which are hidden coves with stunning landscapes, clear waters, and white sand. Since they aren't as popular with tourists, they usually receive more visits from locals and their acquaintances. Show more

What makes Cala Deia special compared to other Mallorca beaches?

Cala Deia is well-known for its exclusivity and privacy. It is made up of rocky cliffs, which makes it impossible for outsiders to see unless they're already inside. It's situated within walking distance of Deia, a renowned cultural center and home to some famous musicians in the Balearic Islands. The annual chamber music festivals attract a lot of attention. Show more

Are there Mallorca island beaches that are recommended for children?

Tourists with kids will find the Playa de Muro in Alcudia suitable. It has an area that is protected from strong waves, ensuring that the water is shallow and safe for kids to swim. With its fairly wide beach, it provides ample room for everyone to enjoy the sand, play beach games or build sandcastles. However, it's a popular beach and can get crowded, especially during peak seasons. Show more

Are individuals only allowed to go nude at Cala Torta, or can attire be worn?

Cala Torta is a famous long beach featuring crystal-clear blue water and powdery white sand. Attire can be worn at the beach, as it's not only a popular destination for nudists. Although frequented by both tourists and locals, it's less busy than most mainstream beaches, like Playa de Muro, owing to its distance from towns and lack of direct bus access. Show more

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