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Best time: April–September

Lover's Beach (Playa de los Amantes)
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Though Los Cabos is associated with beach holidays, there are critically few beaches where you can swim due to rough waves. Still, the shoreline between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo cradles several safe pockets to take a plunge. If you know the directions, you'll find the spots appropriate even for the youngest swimmers.

Best beaches in Los Cabos (swimmable)

El Medano Beach

Playa El Medano tops the list of swimmable beaches in Los Cabos. This extremely popular location is situated in Cabo San Lucas and is cherished for its crystal-clear waters, which are usually calm. Here you can rent watersport equipment and join a boat tour to the Land's End. Surrounding resorts, restaurants, vendors, and beach clubs galore lure visitors too. Not surprisingly, El Medano Beach is always packed. But if you don't mind crowds and commerce, this place is just perfect.

Lover's Beach

Located on the tip of the Land's End, Lover's Beach or Playa de los Amantes boasts the pure beauty of its natural rock formations. The beach is typically featured on The Arch boat tours. You can also visit the nearby Divorce Beach (Playa del Divorcio). But unlike Lover's Beach, the latter is not recommended for swimming as you can easily get swept away by a strong riptide.

Chileno Bay Public Beach

Another place to satisfy the need for time in the water is Chileno Beach (Playa el Chileno) which sits halfway to San José del Cabo. The beach is surrounded by some of the finest resorts in Los Cabos and is groomed every day. Also, Chileno's calm bay claims to be the best snorkeling spot in the area, with colorful tropical fish, sea urchins, lobster, and stingray sightings. Besides all the perks, the place is still less touristy than El Medano, except on weekends when the beach is more crowded than usual. So better come on weekdays.

Palmilla Beach

Playa Palmilla, known for hosting a swimming part of the Ironman Triathlon, is tucked in the vicinity of San José del Cabo. This low-key spot (which is quieter than other beaches listed above) has fewer amenities and is accessible mainly by car. Yet, this privacy could be taken as a perk rather than a drawback. There are some traditional Mexican shelters, called palapas, and umbrellas for rent, but you will need to bring your blanket, snorkeling gear, and snacks, as there aren't any restaurants nearby. Palmilla is also a popular fishing spot. You might even buy some freshly caught fish from one of the local fishermen's boats and cook it at your place later.

Non-swimmable beaches: Pedregal & Costa Azul

Los Cabos has other famous beaches, such as Pedregal Beach in Cabo San Lucas or Costa Azul Beach in San José del Cabo. Despite great popularity, these two spots are off-limits for swimmers. However, these two locations are excellent surfing destinations. If you're not into extreme watersports, feel free to walk to the beaches to sunbathe and enjoy the sceneries.

Best time for resting on Cabo beaches

The climate in Cabo is quite warm and pleasant throughout the year. However, most people prefer to hit the beaches between April and September when warm sea temperatures make for the best swimming and sunbathing experience. In early April, you could still see migrating whales with calves. Mid-May through late June is considered the most comfortable for hot-weather activities. Later into the summer, the weather gets hot and humid, but beach resorts' rates drop slightly.

Practical info

Which beaches in Cabo San Lucas are safe for swimming?

There are several beaches in Cabo San Lucas where it is safe to swim. Among them are El Medano Beach, Lover's Beach, Chileno Bay Public Beach, and Palmilla Beach. El Medano Beach is the most popular since it has crystal-clear waters, while Chileno Bay Public Beach is perfect for snorkeling since there are many colorful tropical fish, sea urchins, lobster, and stingrays to see. Show more

What is the best time of the year to visit Cabo beaches?

The perfect time to visit Cabo San Lucas' beaches is between April and September. During these months, the sea temperatures are warm, suitable for swimming and sunbathing. April sees the arrival of migrating whales with their young. Moreover, the mid-through-late period of June is the most comfortable time, with optimal hot-weather conditions. Temperatures get hotter and more humid later in the summer, but beach resort rates drop marginally. Show more

Where can we find traditional Mexican shelters, called palapas, for rent?

Palapas or traditional Mexican shelters are available for rent at Palmilla Beach near San José del Cabo, providing an escape from the crowds. Despite the lack of nearby restaurants, visitors may bring their gear, snacks, and blankets since it is quieter than other areas. You may purchase fish from local fishermen's boats to cook in your shelter. Show more

What is the visibility like for snorkeling at Chileno Bay Public Beach?

Chileno Bay Public Beach has excellent snorkeling conditions since it is one of the finest places to do it in the Cabo San Lucas vicinity. Moreover, the waters are clear, making it a perfect spot to explore the mesmerizing marine world and its inhabitants. You may see colorful tropical fish, sea urchins, lobster, and stingrays in the shallow waters. Show more

Can we swim at Pedregal Beach in Cabo San Lucas or Costa Azul Beach in San José del Cabo?

It is not safe to swim at Pedregal Beach in Cabo San Lucas or Costa Azul Beach in San José del Cabo because of their rough waves, but they are great for surfing. You may take pleasure in the beaches' stunning sights and sunbathe under the sun, but swimming is not recommended. These two destinations are famous for their world-class waves and challenging conditions, making them ideal for surfers. Show more

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