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Beach season is the best part of the year in any country, and the Philippines is no exception


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During the dry season, the Philippines turn into one of the most luxurious beach resorts in the world, due to its great number of islands (over 7,000)—a plenty of locations to choose from. The prime time is a bit different for every island due to the four climates observed in the Philippines. Still, some data we know for sure–November to April are the driest months overall, December–February are the coolest, and March to May are the hottest. So you're free to look for the best season especially for you, according to your likes and dislikes. Just avoid the wet period from June to October.

Beach Season in Philippines - Best Season 2020

The Philippine beaches are spectacular stunning with landscapes and coloured sands. The white sands of Palawan make it a top destination for a relaxed vacation. Boracay is famous for its water sports. Also, Palaui Island, Bantayan Island, and Siargao Islands offer paradise-like beaches for every taste. Whichever beach you choose, it will be an excellent place to relax and restore your energy reserves.

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