Best time to visit Valencia

Swimming Season in Valencia

When the swimming season begins, Valencia's beaches are the right place to be

Best time: June–September

Swimming Season

Beside its attractions in the city, Valencia is also a coastal town, known for its beautiful beaches. When the swimming season starts in June, beaches of Valencia get crowded with people, and so it lasts till the end of September. If you are looking for high-quality beaches, you should definitely visit Las Arenas, Malva-rosa, and El Cabañal.

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What are some recommended beaches in Valencia?

Las Arenas, Malva-rosa, and El Cabañal are some of Valencia's top beaches. Las Arenas is known for water activities, Malva-rosa for its restaurants and bars, and El Cabañal for its lively atmosphere. Each beach has its unique qualities, catering to a variety of tourists. All three beaches offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, making them perfect for sunbathing and relaxation. Show more

When is the ideal swimming season in Valencia?

Valencia's swimming season starts from June to September, coinciding with the peak tourist months. This period is perfect for sunbathing and water activities, with temperatures ideal for swimming enthusiasts. The beaches are crowded during these months, with tourists and locals enjoying the warm waters. Valencia is a perfect destination for anyone interested in sunscreen, swimming, and beach activities. Show more

What other activities are available in Valencia besides swimming?

Aside from its beaches, Valencia offers visitors a diverse range of activities, perfect for all kinds of tourists. Exploring the city is a must, with attractions like the City of Arts and Sciences, Gulliver Park, and the Central Market. Those interested in food can attend paella cooking classes or sample the local cuisine famous for its delicious seafood and hearty dishes. The annual Fallas festival in March is a great cultural event that showcases Valencia's traditions and history. Show more

Which areas in Valencia serve the best seafood?

Valencia is home to many seafood restaurants in its beach areas. Seafood lovers can check out famous restaurants like those found near Las Arenas, Malva-rosa, and El Cabañal. These restaurants serve up local specialties like Arroz a Banda, Fideuà, and All i Pebre. These dishes highlight the local ingredients like fresh seafood, vegetables, and fruits from the region. Try these dishes for a unique and authentic taste of Valencia's cuisine. Show more

What should I know about Valencia's traditional cuisine?

Valencia's cuisine is famous for its flavorful and hearty dishes. Some favorites in the region include arroz a banda, fideuà, and paella. Valencia's dishes incorporate local ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and seafood. Meat from local farms is also used, creating a mix of flavors that are unique to Valencia. Save room for dessert and try turrón, buñuelos, and horchata, staples of Valencia's sweet treats. Valencia's cuisine offers a rich taste of the region's history and culture. Show more

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