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Almond Trees in Bloom

Enjoy the beauty of delicate rosy flowers on a green background of fresh new grass in the middle of winter


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Spring comes to the Canary Islands with the first bloom of almond trees. A burst of these gentle flowers creates an amazing white and rosy landscape over a volcanic backdrop. Flower buds begin to open around Christmas time, and finally at the end of January to the beginning of February almond flowers are in their full glory. The almond bloom creates a spectacle of natural beauty celebrated like a real party in towns and villages. The Almond Festival is held every year in Puntagorda, situated in the north-west of La Palma island.

Gran Canaria transforms into a huge flower garden. These marvellous blossoming trees occupy Tenerife as well. It is a famous highlight to see the countryside surrounded by the delicate rosy almond blossom. The greatest spots to enjoy the blooming trees are the hills and vales around Santiago del Teide. There are even guided trips to the most beautiful places. Another place to go are the slopes around Vilaflor. Here, the almond trees might not be as popular as thos​e in Santiago del Teide, but it doesn’t make them any less gorgeous. You can find more trees in small valleys hidden in the countryside. Almonds are ready for harvest in autumn. They are used in various products—this is the time to enjoy lots of cakes and biscuits made with almonds.

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