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Christmas Belén or Nativity Scene 2021

Want to celebrate Christmas in a different way? Go to the Canary Islands and it will definately be like no other year


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During the festive season, every town and village creates its own Belén (translates as Bethlehem). These pieces of art are just amazing. They are fascinating with all their small details, some of which are truly moving. They are displayed in shop windows, churches, and courtyards. At beaches, there are beléns made of sand, and you can watch artists creating them. The most famous one is the Belén de Arena at the Canteras beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. These beléns usually show traditional Biblical scenes, but sometimes they depict more updated scenes of town life. You'll be surprised to find out that Santa doesn’t visit the Canary Islands during Christmas. Presents are brought by the Three Kings on Epipha​ny. Due to the fact that Christmas and New Years are quite busy times on the islands, with lots of tourists willing to change the cold and snow for sunny days by the water, most bars and restaurants are open for business.

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