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Boxing Day 2024

The occasion has nothing to do with fists and punching, but rather boxes full of gifts

Dates: December 26

Boxing Day
Boxing Day
Boxing Day

Ancient traditions remain alive though a bit different from the past. The day after Christmas, that is December 26, also known as St. Stephen's Day, was the day when Lords and Ladies gave out their old possessions to their staff. The gifts included anything from food to clothes and instruments. Since everything was presented in boxes, the feast was called "Boxing Day." Nowadays, such a nice tradition is substituted with another one—modern Boxing Day marks the beginning of the winter sales season or post-Christmas sales.

Where to go

Boxing Day is your chance to purchase some precious things for low prices. We recommend visiting the largest cities, such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, for the greatest variety of shopping opportunities.

When traveling to Scotland during this time of year, take into account that public transport operates on special timetables. Besides, Boxing Day is a bank holiday. So people use this day off to visit family and friends, which means bus, train, and plane services are particularly busy.

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