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Lviv Christmas Parade of Star-bearers 2023

Flamboyant decorations, national costumes, and melodic carols make it the most colorful holiday tradition in Lviv


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Lviv is famous for some of Ukraine's most prominent authentic Christmas traditions. The holiday season opens with Christmas markets, set up throughout various locations in the city center from early December through late January. Orthodox Christmas falls on January 7, when locals attend church services and meet with the family. But the true pinnacle of Christmas festivities must be the Lviv Christmas Parade of Star-bearers, held annually on January 8, the second day of the Feast.

Lviv Christmas Parade is a true street extravaganza, able to immerse everyone into the special local holiday atmosphere. The participants, dressed in impressive national costumes, bear the elaborate hand-made Christmas stars throughout the city center and sing carols on the way. Before the parade steps off, a local priest traditionally blesses the procession. Also, the city's mayor salutes the star-bearers in person and treats everyone to mouth-watering Christmas donuts ("pampukhy").

The Star-bearers Parade typically starts from Muzeyna Square next to The Church of the Holy Eucharist. The festive procession goes through Downtown to the main Christmas tree ("yalynka"), towering in front of the Lviv National Opera on Svobody Avenue. The route passes several iconic spots, including the Rynok Square, hosting the elaborate nativity scene ("shopka") at the City Hall entrance. Another significant stop is Yavorskoho Square, where you can observe the so-called "didukh", a traditional hay-made decoration, symbolizing the unity of generations.

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