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Santa Claus Parade 2022

As winter approaches Toronto, Santas arrive to the city with the accompaniment of bright floats and marching bands


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Have you ever seen thousands of Santas gathered at the same time and place? Every year since 1905 Toronto has been hosting this red-and-white mass at the beginning of winter, in late November. Santa Clauses don't come alone,—a few dozen animated floats and bands accompany the parade. This spectacular walk starts at Bloor & Christie and ends at the intersection of Front and Jarvis Streets at the St. Lawrence Market.

One of the major highlights of the Parade is its celebrity clowns. The tradition started in 1982 when organizers Ron Barbaro and Norman Jewison wore make-up and clown costumes to the Parade. They enjoyed it so much that the next year recruited 18 corporate executives to become Celebrity Clowns. At present, over 150 Celebrity Clowns participate in the procession.

Spectators at the Santa Claus Parade are encouraged to wear Rudolph’s red nose to help light the way for Santa even in the tough weather. It is also a way to show support of the beloved Toronto tradition. Later, everyone can share pictures with parade organizers on social media!

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