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Thunder Bay Parade of Lights 2023

The Christmas season starts after decorated trucks roll through the city

Dates: December 2, 2023

Every December, brightly decorated semi trucks pass through the streets of Thunder Bay, Ontario as the crowds are cheering and welcoming Christmas. The annual Parade of Lights starts at 7:00 pm, turning the city into a magical wonderland. Thousands of spectators line the streets to welcome the parade and its participants.

The procession of decorated trucks starts at the Manitoulin Transport yard on Main Street. It then goes down the Harbour Expressway and Memorial Avenue ending at Water Street. The Parade of Lights in Thunder Bay raises money for many charities, like Autism Ontario, George Jeffrey Children’s Centre, Special Olympics, and others. The Parade of Lights is a seasonal favorite among young and old residents of Thunder Bay.

The Parade of Lights is organized by volunteers with the support of the the trucking community, the Thunder Bay Police Association, Tbaytel, Dougall Media and The Chronicle-Journal. The favorite local event has become a "must see" for Thunder Bay community. Thousands of spectators come to have fun with lots of bright lights and engine noise everywhere, demonstrating a strong community spirit bringing people together for a lovely winter evening. During the parade, volunteers with official "Parade of Lights" donation cans collect money for various local charities and community projects.

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