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Christmas 2021

Christmas tinsel, choral singing and carols in churches, roasted turkey, and pudding, of course!


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Christmas is accompanied by a lot of old traditions in Wales. Houses are decorated with candles, colourful lights, lovely flowers (especially mistletoe, which according to the legend is a symbol of eternal life), and holly branches.

Choral singing is typical for holidays in Wales. “Eisteddfodde" (or Carolling), a festival of choral singing, is held annually. The Welsh people sing in churches (sometimes accompanied by a harp), visit neighbouring houses, and around the Christmas tree. People bring candles to the morning mass known as "Plygain" (daybreak).

Welsh traditional holiday dishes are roasted turkey with vegetables, pudding, apples baked in pastry, and flat cakes. Like in all the Celtic nations, Welsh flat cakes are baked with a round hole in the middle. If the flat cake is broken, it is considered a bad omen.

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