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Don't miss the chance to try various desserts with papaya, or just eat it fresh


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The coastal areas of the Canary Islands is the only part of Spain where papayas are grown. The yearly production of these fruits is about 100,000 kg. In Canary islands, you can find various kinds of papayas — from small ones easily held in your hand to the head-size fruits. Local people even call the small ones "papayos" and the big ones "papayas." The smaller tend to be sweeter. Papayas usually have yellow skin and lots of little black pips inside. The soft flesh can be of yellow, orange, or pink colour. Papayas are rich in Vitamin​ C and Folic Acid. When you are choosing papayas, look for softer ones. Try a great dessert by mixing papaya flesh with sugar and lime juice.

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