Best time to visit Canary Islands

Beach Season in Canary Islands

The best climate for beach holidays, with over 3,000 hours of the sunshine​ per year, awaits you

Best time: March–November

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

The climate of the Canary Islands is ideal for beach lovers. You can enjoy sunbathing, water sports, swimming, or just having fun with the whole family during any season. The best time to enjoy the sun is from March to November when days are the longest and the warmest. Keep in mind that December and January are the rainiest months so your chances to get a suntan during that time will be rather low. Months of July and August are the hottest, and the beaches might be too crowded. The Canary Islands number 500 gorgeous beaches of all types and colours. You can observe a different landscape on each of the seven islands. Golden sand, black sand, kilometres of sand dunes, wild coasts with untouched nature, popular ​resorts, and nude beach—here you can find every variety of fun under the sun.

Some of the best beaches of Fuerteventura are Corralejo, Sotavento, and La Concha. These are perfect family-friendly big beaches with white sand and turquoise waters and the complete range of service including lifeguards, sunbed and parasol hire, and great places for kiteboarding​ and windsurfing. Famara, El Golfo, Papagayo, and La Francesa are places to go while on Lanzarote island. The almost always calm waters of Papagayo and La Francesa are popular snorkelling destinations. Amazing black sand beaches can be found on Tenerife and Grand Canaria. El Bollullo, Playa Benijo and Jardín, Guayedra, and Los Patos are known as nudist paradise. Moderate waves, charming flower gardens, children’s playgrounds, cafeterias, sunbed and parasol hire, showers, and changing rooms are prepared for visitors of Playa Jardin. An extreme trail will lead you through banana plantations to El Bollullo. ​

Gran Canaria offers 60 kilometres of the finest beaches. Among them, ​you can enjoy Maspalomas with its moving sand dunes—a small desert near the ocean. El Inglés is popular with its variety of beach and water sports like sailing, water skiing, and jet skiing. On Playa del Ingles you can easily find some refreshments from local vendors as well. If you want to combine the city life with its open-air restaurants, shops, and night life with beach fun, La Palma is the place to go. It's for you to decide, but whatever you choose the satisfaction is guaranteed.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit the Canary Islands for beach holidays?

You can enjoy warm weather and over 3,000 hours of sunshine from March to November when visiting the Canary Islands for a beach holiday. The beach season may not be the best in December and January when it rains the most, and it might be challenging to sunbathe. Expect heavy crowds in July and August. As a result, it is probably a great idea to choose your time of visit accordingly. Show more

What are some popular beaches in Fuerteventura, and what services do they offer?

Fuerteventura is home to three amazing beaches- Corralejo, Sotavento, and La Concha. They offer the finest white sand and turquoise waters, and visitors will find loungers and parasol hire services. The beaches have lifeguards, and they are perfect for windsurfing and kiteboarding. They are a family-friendly option — everything you need for a fantastic beach holiday is found here. Show more

Which beaches in Tenerife and Grand Canaria are known for being nudist-friendly?

El Bollullo, Playa Benijo and Jardín, Guayedra, and Los Patos are Tenerife and Grand Canaria's famous nudist-friendly beaches. They offer a beautiful view of stunning landscapes. Playa Jardin is perfect for a moderate wave, a lovely flower garden, and friendly family features. Meanwhile, El Bollullo is situated in a remote area, and you can access it through a banana plantation trail. Show more

What unique feature does Maspalomas beach in Gran Canaria have?

Maspalomas in Gran Canaria is a standout beach for its moving sand dunes. This small desert near the ocean is an incredible sight. While sunbathing, swimming, or windsurfing, you may also enjoy the picturesque view. In addition to these features, Gran Canaria is also a great option for beach lovers with its sixty-kilometer-long beach, perfect for many beach activities. Show more

How many beaches are there in the Canary Islands, and what are some specific types and colours of sand that can be found?

You can discover over five hundred enchanting beaches in the Canary Islands, each with its unique landscape. For instance, Fuerteventura offers vast family-friendly beaches with beautiful white sand and turquoise water. Black sand beaches that are stunning to visit can be found in Grand Canaria and Tenerife. Papagayo and La Francesa are Lanzarote Island's main attractions, and these beaches have calm waters and give visitors a great opportunity to experience snorkeling. You can also access some beaches, like El Bollullo in Tenerife, via scenic trails through banana plantations. Show more

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