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The Hidden Beach (Playa Del Amor) in Mexico

Have you ever sunbathed inside a giant crater?

Best time: November–May

The Hidden Beach (Playa Del Amor)
The Hidden Beach (Playa Del Amor)
The Hidden Beach (Playa Del Amor)
The Hidden Beach (Playa Del Amor)

The Hidden Beach or the so-called Playa del Amor is a feature of one of the Marieta Islands, located west of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. This beach is one of the highlights of an unforgettable vacation and looks like something out of a fantasy: a wide, sandy crater with the turquoise water of the Pacific ocean rushing in.

The rumour has it, the hole that created the Hidden Beach is a result of intentional bombings. The islands where the beach is located were completely uninhabited and, thus, ideal for military testing. Artillery and weapons were tested on the Marieta Islands since the beginning of the 20th century and possibly are the main cause for many caves and rock formations on the island such as Hidden Beach.

In the 1960s, explorer Jacques Cousteau protested against harmful human activity on the Marieta islands and in 2005, the islands were finally named Parque Nacional Islas Marietas. Which means that only swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, snorkelling, and other forms of recreation are permitted, while hunting and fishing are strictly prohibited in the area. Also, due to the rich wildlife featuring 44 different plant and animal species, the National Park was designated as a UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve. Extensive military testing has damaged flora and fauna on the island for decades, but many years of tranquillity have enriched the marine life and islands’ untouched waters.

Playa del Amor offers a cute sandy beach and crystal clear waters where you can also discover a natural bird sanctuary. This romantic destination can be your trip of a lifetime.

The best time to visit Marieta Islands and to feel the atmosphere of the Hidden Beach is during winter months from November through May. This is when the weather is pleasant, you can do all kinds of water sports, and also watch whales.

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When is the best time to visit the Hidden Beach in Marieta Islands?

If you plan to visit the Hidden Beach at Marieta Islands, the best time to do so is from November to May, during winter months. This is the perfect period to engage in various water sports activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, or swimming. Additionally, it is the ideal season to watch whales and have a great time. Show more

Where is the Hidden Beach located in Marieta Islands, Mexico?

Marieta Islands, Mexico consists of the Hidden Beach, also known as Playa del Amor. Marieta Islands is located West of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. The beach is located in a vast crater that opens to the Pacific Ocean's turquoise waters. It is an incredible location for those who seek a secluded yet stunning spot. Show more

How was the Hidden Beach created in Marieta Islands, Mexico?

The Hidden Beach, or Playa del Amor, located at Marieta Islands, Mexico's West, was formed allegedly through military testing. The island was not habitable and was perfect for this activity, and military utilized it for the same. Intense bombings on the Islands since the 20th century may have led to the creation of different caves and rock formations such as the stunning Hidden Beach. Show more

What activities are allowed on Marieta Islands, and what activities are prohibited?

The Marieta Islands allows numerous activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, sunbathing, and swimming; however, hunting and fishing on the island are scantily controlled. The islands comprise various plant and animal species, and military testing damages even more. Despite this, marine life thrives in these undisturbed waters, making it an excellent location for general relaxation or to engage in water sports activities. Show more

What is the significance of Marieta Islands being designated as a UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve?

Marieta Islands are designated as a UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve due to the rich biodiversity of the location. UNESCO MAB designates that the islands are protected to preserve their animal and plant life species, maintain the ecosystems and promote sustainable development. The Marieta Islands forms part of a world-wide network of protected areas that has sworn to protect biodiversity and promote human life welfare. Show more

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