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Exploring the Mayan Ruins

You will surely want to discover these amusing pieces of millennial Mayan architechture


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If you are in Mexico, visiting Mayan ruins is a must! These ancient constructions date back to 500 BC. In fact, these are not just the ruins, there are entire abandoned Mayan cities and villages still smelling of history. Some of them lie deep in the jungles, others are hidden atop rainforest mountains or are at the riverbanks accessible only by boat. Others are buried halfway in frozen lava, and some are disguised under overgrown grass. There are pyramids and circular platforms, stairs, and columns. The most popular Mayan sites include Tepozteco, Calakmul, Toniná, Guachimontones, Centro Ceremonial Otomí, and many others. In addition to stone Mayan cities and villages, make sure to visit Los Primas Basálticos Waterfalls: water flows break against beautiful basalt columns. The best season to observe these archaeological treasures is definitely the dry season between September and May.

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