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Beach Season in England

Sunny mornings in England can easily turn into afternoon rains, but if you don't mind the weather, local beaches can surprise you with their beauty

Best time: mid-May–September

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

England is not perceived as a beach holiday country even though water surrounds the UK from all sides. Despite its rough climate there are some beach resorts, which are mostly concentrated in England. Over 60 beaches in England cohere to the Blue Flag standards meaning that there are clean and safe.

The chain of resorts in the south of England on the coast of the Channel includes spacious sandy and pebbly beaches with well-established infrastructure and numerous opportunities for British entertainment.

Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall is somewhat similar to the Mediterranean coast. Rocky cliffs attract snorkeling fans. Dolphins and seals are the frequent visitors of the coast.

Durdle Door Beach in Dorset is a great pebble beach for an oceanfront picnic. Fistral Beach in Cornwall is visited by fans of surfing because the strong winds create high waves.

West Mersea Beach in Essex is an ideal place for those who like deserted areas and a calm relaxing holiday. Local cuisine impresses with the variety of seafood—oysters and fresh fish especially.

The beaches of Brighton have the Blue Flag award, which indicates their compliance with the highest standards. On the coast you can try boating on yachts or catamarans, hiking along the coast, fishing, or even surfing.

Some of famous resorts are located near the city of Torbay. This area is called the English Riviera and two dozen well-equipped beaches honorably justify the name. The resorts have golf courses and yacht clubs, picturesque parks, and fish restaurants right at the water's edge.

The swimming season starts in England on May 15th and continues until September 30th.

Practical info

What are the best beaches to visit in England?

England has more than sixty beaches that comply with Blue Flag standards, which attest to their cleanliness and safety. Some of the most renowned beaches to visit in England are Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall - a perfect spot for snorkelers and bird watchers with amazing rocky cliffs-, Durdle Door Beach in Dorset - ideal for outdoor picnics with an ocean view-, and Fistral Beach in Cornwall -popular among surfers for its high waves-. Show more

What is the perfect time to visit England for a beach holiday?

The best time to visit England for a beach holiday is from mid-May to September, when the swimming season starts until the end of September. Visitors should bear in mind that English weather is famously unpredictable, and even on sunny mornings, it is common to have rains in the afternoon. To make the most out of their holiday, visitors ought to have waterproof jackets or umbrellas at hand. Show more

What are the Blue Flag standards for English beaches?

The Blue Flag standards are an acknowledgement given to beaches and marinas that meet specific environmental standards, public facilities, and safety requirements. England has more than sixty beaches that comply with these standards, which assure safe and clean waters and sufficient public facilities. The standards also consider the beach's accessibility, public safety, and environmental initiatives and education programs. Show more

What are the unique features of Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall?

Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall is a distinct beach destination with rocky cliffs that cater to bird watchers and snorkeling enthusiasts. The beach is extremely picturesque, with the warm climate being a notable characteristic of its southern location. Additionally, visitors to Porthcurno Beach might have the opportunity to see dolphins and seals, which makes it an exceptional place to visit. Show more

What activities are available at the English Riviera?

The English Riviera is a region near Torbay that has over 24 beaches, golf courses, yacht clubs, parks, and seafood restaurants on the shoreline. Visitors can go hiking along the coast, partake in water sports like fishing and boating, or unwind on the stunning beaches. The English Riviera is an ideal spot for family holidays, with attractions suitable for families and children alike. Show more

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