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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

A unique blend of thousands of known and less-known artists performing a wide variety of shows in smaller venues around the city

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Welcome to Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest venue in the world that takes places in Edinburgh. During three weeks, in August, thousands of performers, famous or unknown artists, around the globe will be there to entertain you. The festival covers a wide range of tastes. For instance, you can spice up your stay by dipping into a wide variety of options. You can choose to attend exhibitions, opera, musicals, cabaret shows, circus, theatre or even children shows. You can also pre-order the Fringe programme and have it shipped to your home​ before the festival.

What if you don’t have anything to do for the day? You can always go to the Virgin Money Half-Price Hut. After all, it is the best place to find bargains or free tickets for shows happening during the day or the following morning. While thousands of entertaining shows might seem overwhelming, the trick is to find a balance between quality and quantity. For example, if you get up early in the morning, the odds of getting the desired tickets will work in your favour. If not…well, take your chances somewhere else, even though you will have to stay in line. Queues are the best place to mingle and make friends with both tourists and locals. Not to mention that you will receive festival recommendations.

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